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04.05.2016 - Loder1899 Onlineshop

Our new shop is online


23.03.2016 - Heckdiffusor Focus ST II mit Teilegutachten

 Gutachten Download

02.02.2016 - Det Müller in da House

Det Müller - the famous host of the succesful german TV Show Grip visited Loder1899. See more in the next weeks on Grip

Link Grip

23.11.2015 - Ford Focus ST Tuning

As in real life, it helps to go to the gym. Through an aggressive body styling kit and a power increase up to 340hp, provided by a intercooler, larger turbochargers, a modified airintake and sportcats, the Focus ST is able to keep up with the all new Focus RS.

Focus ST Programm

13.11.2015 - Winter Ford Mustang 2015

You want to drive your Ford Mustang in the snow. No problem with the exclusive Winter combination Lander wheel with Michelin tyres in 20 Inch.

 Angebot/Offer Ford Mustang 2015

21.10.2015 - Soundcheck Ford Mustang 2015 V8

Finally the exhaust system for the Ford Mustang V8 and Ecoboost are ready to rumble. Both version do have a ECE certivicate.


24.09.2015 - Winter - Discovery Sport

Loder1899 is offering a set of wheels/tyres in 17 Inch with Bridestone tires incl. TPMS in silver or matt black for the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. The prices starts at 1699€

Loder1899 Land Rover Discovery Sport Winter Offer

08.06.2015 - Ford Mustang 2015 Tuning

The ne Ford Mustang. Loder1899 is offering hot accessories for the pony.

2015 Ford Mustang Loder1899 Tuning

29.05.2015 - Ford Mustang Fastback on sale

This beauty is looking for a new owner!

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

28.05.2015 - Fiat 500 Sale

This little cutie is looking for a new home. A 1966 Fiat 500 is on sale.

1966 Fiat 500

29.04.2015 - Aston Martin Spacers

Loder1899 has the widest range of highquality spacers for Aston Martin cars.

 Aston Martin Spacers

23.04.2015 - The best looking Focus worldwide

Fact is the Ford Focus is the bestselling vehicle worldwide and fact is Loder1899 makes it even better. The men at Loder1899 have done what they are good at; they put all their knowhow and energy into optimizing the design and quality for their new body styling kit.

Ford Focus III Facelift

24.03.2015 - A better ride with your Defender

Loder1899 is offering a the best ride you can have in a Defender. The suspenion kit is available for 90 and 110.

Land Rover Defender Page

13.12.2014 - Wheels/Felgen for Porsche Macan

Loder1899 offers tuning parts in future for the Porsche Macan aswell. Available are 20 inch exlusive wheels.

13.12.2014 - WP Wheel in 19"

The wheel WP in 19 Inch in black and silver is from now on available for all Land Rover models.

22.07.2014 - Loder (Guangdong) Auto Technology Co. Ltd

Loder1899 has opened together with the Dongjian Group a new company, with the aim to organize the import and distribution of Loder1899 parts


16.06.2014 - WM 2014

Go! Go! Go! Loder1899 wishes good look to the german team.

13.06.2014 - Ford EcoSport

Loder1899 is offering a fine selection of tuning for the Ford EcoSport. Are you looking to go offroad with it, then you are in the right place.

Ford EcoSport

12.06.2014 - Ford Transit

Loder1899 is offering high end stainless steel parts for the new Ford Transit. The front- and sidebar are made out of 63mm tubes and they are the perfect protection.

Ford Transit

06.06.2014 - Jaguar F-Type

Loder1899 is offering an upgrade for all V6 to V8 optic. Furthermore spacers for all versions are availabale.


24.03.2014 - Loder1899 Fiesta ST / Playboy Test the Max

Maximilian Engert, host of the German Car Magazine, Test the Max, is more than thrilled about the Loder1899 Ford Fiesta ST.


14.08.2013 - Paypal

Loder1899 accepts Paypal

12.08.2013 - Ford Transit Sins 18"

Loder1899 is offering 18 Inch wheels Sins for the Transit

You would like to mount 18 Inch on your New Transit? You are in the right place.

Ford Transit Sins wheels

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Mercedes-Benz 500 CL Coupe

Car is in very good condition. Still got top interior, no visible damage Technically ok (on request with new TUV) last inspection 03/2013 Very nice collector's car - get in and drive it VAT not ...

Mercedes-Benz 500 CL Coupe

Zylinder: k.A.
Hubraum: 4973 cm³
Leistung: 235 kW (320 PS)
km-Leistung: 277.598 km
Vmax: k.A.

Ford Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback in high-class 70s Street Machine look. US imports from Kansas. According previous owner the car was owned by the family since 1977 and went from father to son. 289 cui ...

Ford Mustang

Zylinder: 8
Hubraum: 4665 cm³
Leistung: ca. 200 PS/HP
km-Leistung: 99999
Vmax: k.A.
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29.04.2015 - The Prettiest of Them All - The Ford Focus from Loder1899

Loder1899 launches a chic and very stylish package for the new Ford Focus Fact is the Ford Focus is the bestselling vehicle worldwide and fact is Loder1899 makes

09.03.2015 - Ford Mondeo with 22 Inch wheels

Loder1899 makes the impossible possible and puts 9x22 large rims "Lander12" on the new Ford Mondeo, without having to be reworked on great body of the car.

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